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MetalCrafters: Unique & Hand Crafted for You

Personalized Approach

METALCRAFTERS was founded by artist Pete Segar to create lasting metal art works that bring beauty and joy to its customers.  From table top and wall sculpture to large commissioned pieces- anything is possible..


I'll work with you to create a custom design that reflects your interests and passions to give you a piece that gives you lasting enjoyment.

Designs and Techniques  

Works include indoor tabletop and wall-mounted sculptures, custom furniture, outdoor yard sculptures, and large commissioned sculpture.

Metal fabrication techniques include plasma cutting, welding, grinding and forming, but also experimental methods of texturing and finishing materials such as Shou Sugi Ban and Lichtenberg wood burning methods, incorporation of mixed materials like stone and concrete. 

Recycled materials are used in fabrication and packaging wherever possible. Some projects have been 100% upcycled!

How to Buy 

I do not carry any stock.  Every sculpture is custom made.  See the Custom section for details. 

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