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Commissioning your own

custom work


MetalCrafters will work with you to design and create a custom work that is special to you or your loved ones. While I specialize in metal, mixed materials can be interesting.  Wood concrete and stone can be incorporated, and if it gets more exotic, I have a network of artists I may engage to assist.  You can be involved as you wish to be- the process is fluid and fun.


Examples:  The links below are examples of preliminary sketches, a brief design proposal, and a formal proposal for a custom bicycle rack created for an art park.  The above right is a custom bike rack made for a local optometrist office.


The commissioning process:

  • Send a brief description of your interest to

  • I'll contact you for an initial meeting or telecom to discuss your interests

  • I'll submit a series of hand sketches and brief descriptions with very rough ranges of cost

  • If you wish to get serious, then I'll begin the design process 

  • I will submit a formal design proposal with 1-2 designs modelled in CAD, a draft schedule, and full itemized price quote.  Large sculptures are commonly quoted installed including pouring concrete pad, etc.


Here are some examples:




Aquafire Table.jpg
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